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Manage the contracts of my employees
Manage the contracts of my employees
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This article will enable you to understand how to add the contract & salary information, modify an ongoing contract with amendments to the contracted hours and how to add new contracts to an existing employee.

The topics covered in this article are:

  • Filling in the employees contract

  • Adding a new amendment to an existing contract

  • Adding a new contract for an employee

To find out more information regarding the employee tab, click on this article 👉 How to fill in the Employee tab.

Filling in the employees contract

When adding an employee you’ve already filled in his contract and his weekly contract hours. Those are compulsory when scheduling the employee.

You’ll be able to add additional information in this tab that that will fill in automatically the Performance Indicators tab, the Personal Register tab and the Report tab.

Employees tab > Name of the employee > Contract & Salary information

By clicking on the the pen icon at the top right corner of the Employee tab, you can modify the contract and add details.

Fill in Contract Information

  • Job title : (generally the one that figures on the payslip)

  • Date of hire (the employee will appear on the schedule at this date)

  • Date of end trial period

  • Date end of contract (⚠️ At the end of the contract the employee will not automatically disappear from the schedule. You’ll have to do it manually by archiving him)

  • Status (determines the the minimum salary at which your employee is entitled to)

  • Indicate if the employees DPAE has been done. You’ll be redirected on the URSSAF’s website to do it manually

Fill in Salary Information

In addition to the hourly contract or the number of days worked (already filled in when adding a new employee) you can add information regarding the cost of labour for the employee.

Filling out those additional information will enable you to follow the Performance Indicators of your shop.

You can fill in :

  • Working time (unit of time : standard with a contracted hours or day rate contract)

  • Cost calculation (average gross hourly with the average hourly labor cost and the gross monthly salary OR gross monthly salary with the average hourly labor cost and gross monthly salary)

  • Cost of transportation for the employer

Modify an ongoing contract

Conditions for modifying an ongoing contract :

It’s possible to modify an ongoing contract by clicking the pen icon on the right top corner of the contract.

You can alter the contract to:

  • To modify an error on the filled in contract

  • To add information on the contract

  • To add an amendment to the ongoing contract

⚠️ Modifying an ongoing contract has an impact on the history of the contract. New information will replace the previous one. Unless an error was made when filling in the contract, it’s preferable not to alter any information in relation to working hours.

If the employees contract has changed since you added the employee in your Skello : add an amendment to the ongoing contract or create a new contract.

Add an amendment

It’s possible to add an amendment (either temporary or permanent) in an ongoing contract in the tab Contract and Salary Information.

Click on the pen icon to modify the ongoing contract > Salary information > click on the button Add an amendment

You can fill in :

  • Type of amendment : permanent or temporary

  • Start and end dates of the amendment

  • New contracted hours

The amendment to the ongoing contract only concerns the hourly volume. If you wish to change the type of contract you’ll have to create a new contract.

Once the amendment is added, the hourly volume will be modified on the schedule till the end date of the amendment.

⚠️ The starting date of the amendment is always on Mondays because the calculation of the weekly contract hours is from Monday to Sunday.

Add a new contract for an employee

When an employee has his contract changed (i.e. from a long term to a temporary one) or has a new contract created each time he works within the company , it’s possible to create a new contract in the tab Employee.

Employee > Name of the employee > Contract & Salary Information

  • The first contract has to be ended before adding a new one. To end the ongoing contract you’ll have to fill in the end date. Once the contract has ended you’ll find it in the bottom page of Contract & Salary Information in the tab “History”

  • Click on the blue tab +New contract to add a new contract

⚠️ This functionality is only accessible for those that have subscribed to the Premium Pack.

If you’ve subscribed to a Success Pack and that you have to modify the type of contract or create a new one : you have to archive the Employee and create a new one 👉 Archive / Restore an employee

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