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How to fill the Emloyees tab
How to fill the Emloyees tab

Add an employee and fill the information in the Employees Tab

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This article explains how to :

  • Add an employee in an organisation

  • Complete the Employee tab

  • Personalize the Employee tab

Add an employee

In order to create a schedule, you firstly need to add an employee in the Employees tab

In the Employee tab > head on the blue button the far right hand side named “Add an employee

⚠️ The tabs with the asterisk * must be filled in ! Those are the first name, last name, type of contract and contracted hours. Without those filled in you won’t be able to make a schedule.

The email address does not necessarily need to be filled in when adding an employee however it will be needed if you decide to publish the schedule by email. If a message “this email is already used” crops up, please reach out to the help center (blue bubble top bottom far right hand side of your Skello).

💡 Once the employee file has been created, you can search for the employee by last name, first name, email, telephone number or payroll number.

Information to fill in the employees tab

Once the employee has been added you’ll be able to fill in the following tabs :

  • Personal information

  • Contract and salary information

  • HR file

  • History trackers

  • Documents

Personal Information

There’s compulsory information to fill in when adding an employee but you’ll also be able to add further mandatory information in this tab.

  • To publish the schedule by email and/or SMS you’ll have to fill in the email address and phone number. Find out more information on the publication of the schedule 👉 Publish the schedule

  • If the employees email address is filled in he’ll also be able to have access to his Skello. Find out more on how to grant access to Skello 👉 here

  • If you have the Time Clock, you’ll find the employees PIN number. Each PIN is individual. In order to send the PIN to the employee (by SMS and/or email), click on the little arrow that’s just beside the PIN number. You can also click on the button RESET to reset the PIN if needed.

  • The payroll number is used to import payroll details for your employees directly into your payroll software.

    💡 Employee(s) can view their payroll number in their mobile app from Account > My Profile.

Far down in the tab Personal Information you’ll find access to all the locations you have in Skello. You’ll be able to set up each locations individually. i.e. Determine the location of the employees main contract and eventually other locations if he’s working in other locations.

You’ll also be able to choose the employees level of permission, assign him to a team and determine a main position and second position. The primary position is the default position the employee will be assigned to whereas they will only be assigned to second position if necessary. Find out more 👉 here

Contract and salary information

Whilst adding an employee you were asked to fill in the type of contract, the hourly and the weekly contract hours. You’ll be able to fill in additional information :

  • Job title (generally displayed on your employee’s payslip)

  • Start date (date at which the employee started working at the location) Please note that if you fill in a starting date on the 1st of February, the employee will appear on the schedule at the start of this week

  • Trial period end date

  • Contract end date

⚠️ The employee will not disappear on the schedule until you archive him

  • Status (Determines the minimum salary to which your employee is entitled)

  • If the DPAE has been done

  • Salary information

👉To learn more about creating and managing employment contracts, see the article Manage my employees' employment contracts

HR File

Birth, nationality, address, document type, expiration date of the document, gender and bank details are stored in this file. In the tab “levels of permissions & actions”, the Administrator can choose weather the employee can modify his HR file when logging in Skello.

A complete HR File will make you save time when using the Administrative Documents Template 👉 Create and use Administrative Documents Template

History/ Trackers

This tab will enable you to monitor the employee’s past shifts, absences as well as keeping an eye on different trackers :

  • Hour tracker week by week

  • PTO tracker

  • Bank and public holidays

💡When a new employee is added his/her hours tracker and/or paid time off counter is automatically activated.

To find out more about the hour tracker and the follow up of hours worked by your employees 👉 Keep track of your employees working hours


In this tab you’ll be able to :

  • Create a document using a template 👉 Create and use templates of documents

Personalize the Employee tab

You’ll be able to add for a each employee, a profile picture on the far left in the Employee tab

To add the picture :

In the employee tab > far left on the employees name > click on the emoji with the camera > click and drag the picture

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