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Give employees access to Skello
Give employees access to Skello

Give access to Skello and know the list of features available to employees.

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This article explains the steps to follow for the employee to have access to his Skello and the different set of operations that the employee will be able to do.

The themes underlined here under are :

  • Invite an employee to have create his Skello account

  • The different functionalities the employee has access to when logged in Skello

Invite the employee to create his Skello account

Inviting a employee to join Skello has to be done in 2 steps : filling in the tab Personal Information and assigning the employee to the location at which he works at.

At the last step you’ll be to tick a box to send an invitation to the employee.

An email will be sent to the email that’s filled in the Personal Information tab > Email. He’ll then be able to choose his password and the trick is done !

⚠️ Make sure that an email is filled in in the tab Personal Information before ticking the box to send the invitation

Once the employee has been added to Skello

Once you’ve added a new employee you’ll also be able to send an invitation to him through the tab Personal Information directly. Simply click on the enveloppe at the top right corner.

When the enveloppe doesn’t appear anymore it means that the employee has set up a password and can now log in in his account. 👉 Reach out to our support team if you’d like us to send out another invitation to your employee

The different functionalities for the employees

Once the employee has set up his account after receiving an invitation, he’ll now have access to his Skello account and will be able to have a look at his schedule once it has been published by the manager 👉 Publish the schedule

Depending on the level of permission granted to him, he’ll be able to :

  • See his schedule and those of his colleagues to see when they are shifted

  • Request PTOs

  • Share his availiabilites and unavailabilities : either regular or exceptional

  • Take a look at overtime if the tracker for modulation overtime has been activated

  • Request a shift swap

  • Edit his HR file & add his documents

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