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Defining the employee’s main and secondary locations
Defining the employee’s main and secondary locations

How to set up employee access to different locations within an organisation

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This article shows how to set up employee access to different locations within an organisation.

The topics covered in this article are :

  • Defining the locations where the employee works

  • Customizing access to the locations

Defining the locations where the employee works

Filling in the main location

When adding the employee to the organization it is possible to define which locations he’ll have access to.

The main location to which he’s attached to is filled in by default when adding the employee to Skello.

It can be changed if required from the Personal Information tab in the employee's record.

From the Employees tab > employee record tab**>** Personal Information tab: scroll down to Access to locations tab on the page.

To change the primary location: Click on the arrow to the right of the location name, select the location to which the employee is to be attached from the drop down menu.

⚠️The main location is the one to which the employee is attached for the preparation of the payroll.

It’s generally the location where he works the most.

💡If the employee works in several locations within his organization, he’ll only appear on the report of his main location. If the employee needs access to other locations within the organization, the main location does not need to be changed. Other locations can be added in the Employee tab.

Filling in the secondary locations

Employees > Personal information > Access to locations

When several locations are available in the organisation it is possible to extend employee access to one or more of these locations.

Secondary locations are those in which the employee can be made available and/or for which he can view the schedules.

To add a secondary location to the employee's access list, click on the drop-down menu on the right of the screen.

Personalize access to the different locations

Once the employee has been attached to his location, his access can be personalized with regard to: the level of permission, the display in the schedule and the assignment to one or more teams.

The blue pin on the left indicates that it is the employee's main location. The other two are secondary locations.

Levels of permissions

Next to the name of the location (primary or secondary), you can define the level of permission the employee has.

For more information 👉 Define levels of permissions & actions

Show employee on schedule or not

To the right of the permission level you can choose whether or not the employee will be visible on the different locations.

If the display on the schedule is activated, the employee appears on the schedule of the location and may therefore have shifts.

When the option is deactivated, the employee does not have a shift on the schedule: he does not work in the location. If he’s a manager he can therefore create the schedules of the locations without appearing in them.

⚠️If the employee was displayed on a schedule he continues to appear as long as he has shifts on this schedule.

Assign the employee to one or more shifts

The employee can be assigned to one or more shifts in each location.

Assigning the employee to a team is useful for defining access to data, for setting permissions, for creating team rotations if your collective agreement allows it or for applying a filter on the schedule on the different teams.

To find out more on how to create a team 👉 Creating teams.

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