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Using the tools and options to display the schedule
Using the tools and options to display the schedule

This article presents the tools and options that facilitates the creation of the schedule and allows you to customise its display

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This article presents the tools and options that facilitates the creation of the schedule and allows you to customise its display : filters and sort employees, delete shifts, display options, back/forward buttons, popular shifts.

The tools and options presented in this article are accessible from the toolbar at the top right of the schedule or on the 3 dots close by the word “Publish schedule”

They allow you to :

  • Plan more easily : use filters, go backwards/forwards, use popular shifts, delete shifts for the week, use keyboard shortcuts

  • Customise the schedule display : use filters, sort the employee display, display unassigned shifts, display working hours, display birthdays.

Several tools and functionalities are also accessible from the schedule, but are not presented in this article. They are presented in detail in other articles below :

  • Tools helping to schedule easier and faster (Smartplanner, Optimise your schedule, Lock your schedule, Create and use templates)

  • How the E-signature works

  • Print schedule and sign-in sheets

  • Publish the schedule

Plan more easily

Filter your employees on your schedule

It is possible to filter the schedule display by position, by employee, by team or by absence, to save time instead of scrolling through the whole schedule.

Click on the filter icon (see diagram above) > select the position/employee/team or absence you wish to see displayed on the schedule.

By filtering the employees by shifts, you can create or modify the schedule of the employees concerned only.

⚠️ Filtering by position is possible if shifts are already scheduled with the positions selected. It allows you to see what has already been scheduled. Employees who have no shifts on the schedule or who only have absence shifts on the week are not taken into account with a shift filter.💡 If the employee is shifted to several shifts in the same week or day, all the employee's shifts will be displayed but the filtered shift will be highlighted.

Go backwards/forwards the schedule tab

When creating or modifying a schedule you have the possibility of going backwards or forwards on the last modification by clicking on the two arrows in the toolbar above the schedule.

The modifications are only possible on the last manipulation and concern the schedule currently displayed. If you head to another tab or refresh the page displayed this functionality is no longer available.

Use popular shifts

If you often use the same working shifts, you can use Popular Shifts to create your schedule faster. These are the shifts detected as being most recurrent on your schedules for the last two months.

5 popular shifts are proposed by default. It is possible to increase the number of popular shifts, by reaching out the the support team 👉 click on the blue button at the bottom right of your Skello.

To use a popular shift on the schedule : click on the popular shifts icon in the shape of a flame in the schedule tools > select the desired shift with your mouse > drag the shift onto the schedule in the cell of your choice.

Clear Weekly Shifts

By clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the toolbar, you can access the "Delete weekly shifts" from the drop-down menu

  • A window will appear offering you the possibility to delete all the shifts planned for the week, for one or more employees.

⚠️ All shifted employees are selected by default.

Use keyboard shortcuts

💡 You can use keyboard shortcuts to make some actions on the schedule:

  • To cancel an action that has just been done:

    • For Mac: Cmd + z

    • For Windows: Ctrl + z

  • To redo a previously cancelled action :

    • For Mac : Cmd ⌘ + shift + z

    • For Windows : Ctrl + shift + z

  • To navigate from one period to another in day/week and month view :

    • For Mac: Cmd ⌘ + ⬅ (previous period) / Cmd ⌘ + ➡️ (next period)

    • For Windows: Ctrl + ⬅ (previous period) / Ctrl + ➡️ (next period)

  • To open the print window :

    • For Mac : Cmd ⌘ + p

    • For Windows : Ctrl + p

  • To add a shift when the shift creation window is open and all mandatory information has been entered

    • Enter ⏎

Customize the schedule display

Sort Employee Display

By clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the toolbar, you can access the "Sort Employees" feature from the drop-down menu. It allows you to customize the order in which your employees are displayed on the schedule: either alphabetically, A-Z or Z-A, or in a customized way.

⚠️ The order in which employees are displayed is similar for all managers in the location. If it is modified, it will be modified for everyone.

By clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the toolbar, you can access the "Display Options" function in the drop-down menu. It offers you several options :

  • Choose the days displayed on the schedule (i.e. your store is closed on Sunday, I display the week from Monday to Saturday)

  • Change the size of the schedule

  • Display employees' birthdays on the schedule

  • Hiding shift times on the schedule gives the opportunity when activated to hide the hours and duration of the shift by clicking on the eye directly in the shifts of the schedule.

  • Show unassigned shifts : these shifts are not assigned to any of the employees on the schedule. These are useful for organisations whose schedules change all the time. Its aim is to create your shifts and once you know your employees' availability you assign them 👉 Check out this article on using unassigned shifts.

⚠️ The tab Unassigned shifts are displayed by default when the location is created on Skello. They can be removed from the schedule.

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