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Creating shifts on the schedule
Creating shifts on the schedule

This article explains how to create work shifts from the schedule, customizing, duplicating and moving them around.

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The topics covered in this article are :

  • Creating one or several work shifts

  • Personalizing a work shift

  • Copying, moving and deleting a shift

Create one or more work shifts

Create a work shift

💡A shift is a time slot during which the employee will work.

A work shift can be created via the Schedule tab, from the day or week view.

  • From the day view, shifts are added by employee, in 15-minute increments. Click on the + that appears when you move the mouse over the quarter of the hour you are interested in to open a window for adding a work shift. 💡 Once you have selected the first time slot, drag the mouse to define the entire duration of the shift.

  • From the week view, shifts are added by employee, by the day. Click on "add a shift" by passing the mouse over the box of the employee and the day you are interested in.

Whichever view you choose, a window for adding a shift appears on the screen, allowing you to fill in the details of the shift.

The options available in this window are the same for day view and week view. The week view is used as a reference for this article.

When adding a work shift you’ll be asked to fill in the time at which the employee will start off and finish his day, define the position, add a position, add a break, add a note, add a task and replicate the shift on other days of the week.

💡 You can press "Enter" to add a shift when the shift creation window is open and all the mandatory information has been filled in.

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A break is always entered in minutes: if there is no break scheduled, the value entered is zero.

⚠️The break time defined in the work shift can be included or excluded from paid working time. This depends on the location settings defined in the location. ⚠️ It is not possible to create a work shift with an arrival or departure outside the locations’ opening hours.

Add one or more shifts on the same day

If the employee works in a split shift (i.e. with two shifts on the same day), it is possible to create the two shifts in one step. To do so, add shift and click on Add another shift at the bottom of the window.

Once the first shift or shifts have been created shifts can be added :

  • Click on the 3 littles dots on the bottom right of an existing shift and click on the “+” sign

  • ⚠️ This function is not available in day view. If you wish to add other shifts in day view, you must head to the weekly view in the schedule.

💡It is possible to replicate the same day on several days of the week by selecting the days in "repeat shift "

💡 It is also possible to assign the same shift or absence to several employees at the same time by selecting the relevant employees directly from the shift/absence in the Position view :

Customize a work shift

Hide shifts time or not the schedule

You can choose whether or not to display the employee's working hours on a shift. This option must be activated in the schedule display options > click on the 3 dots at the top right of the schedule > choose Display options in the drop-down menu > customise the display of shifts.

To hide shift times: click on the eye next to the time, and/or next to the duration of the shift.

Add a note

A note can be added to the work shift.

This note is not visible when the schedule is printed, but the employee can view it from his schedule on a computer and on the application. The note is also visible on the employee's individual timesheet.

💡 If you have the time clock you can also add a note from this tab, to the right of the line corresponding to the shift. This note will be visible on the shift from the schedule.

Copy, move and delete a shift

Copy or move a shift

Once you have created a shift, you can move it to another day or copy it to duplicate it.

When you move the mouse over the shift, a white hand appears: click, hold whilst moving the mouse.

On the empty cells in the schedule you’ll find two words : move / copy > The blue tab corresponds to the chosen option. Move the mouse left or right to choose to move or copy the shift.

Moving a line of shifts

An entire line of shifts can be moved from employee A to employee B.

Move the mouse to the left of the line of shifts at the level of the name of employee A: two blue arrows and a white hand appears. Click on the blue arrow and drag the line to employee B.

Delete a shift

To delete a scheduled shift, move the mouse to the bottom right of the shift on the schedule. Click on the 3 dots that appear, then on the red bin.

💡 It is also possible to delete all the shifts planned for a week, for one or more employees at the same time > from the 3 dots at the top right of the schedule > Delete the week's shifts.

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