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Activate the PTO tracker

This article explains how the PTO tracker works on Skello and how to set it up.

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The topics covered are :

  • Understanding the PTO tracker

  • Setting up the PTO tracker

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How the PTO tracker operates

General information

The PTO tracker enables you to keep track of the employees accrued PTO per month, PTO taken, PTO taken from the balance of period N-1, PTO taken from the period N and manually adjust those if needed. This is located in the Employee tab > History/Trackers tab > PTO tracker.

💡When the PTO tracker is activated, the employee has access to his balance through the Skello mobile app.

PTO accrual

The number of days accrued per month can be determined in Location Settings tab > Rules tab >Trackers tab. The accrual of paid time off is to be chosen between Business days/Working days and Calendar days 👉 see below for more detail

⚠️ Please bare in mind that the employee will automatically accrue PTOs each month. However, if no work shifts are planned on the schedule, no PTOs will be accrued.

💡A distinction can be made in the counter settings between days of holiday earned in the previous year N-1, and days earned in the current year, N.

The PTO tracker gives an indication of the PTO’s earned.
A PTO request can be accepted, regardless of the balance acquired in the employee's tracker, negative or positive.

💡The list of absences treated as actual work and enabling the accrual of PTOs is accessible from the Location Settings ⚙️ > Absences > Enables accrual of leave

Setting up the PTO tracker

The PTO tracker is located in the Location Settings ⚙️ > Trackers > Activate PTO trackers

Starting month of the tracker

To activate the PTO tracker you need to define the month from which employees will start to accrue PTOs . The initialization month is the month preceding the start of PTO accrual in the tracker.

Example: if the start month is January, employees will start to accrue days in February.

  • If your employees have already accrued PTOs before joining Skello, it’s recommended to choose the month of your most recent payslip and fill in your PTOs in the tab “Resume tracker history”.

  • If your employees have not accrued any PTOs before joining Skello, choose the month before using Skello as the initialization month, so that employees can accrue CP from their first planned shifts.

⚠️ You can change the start date of the PTO counter directly in the employee file > History / Counters > Paid time off counters.

PTO accrual period

This step is used to define the accrual period of PTOs The periods proposed are: from June N to May N+1, or from January to December N.

Resuming tracker history

If your employee has a history of PTO at your location, activate "resume history" to activate the automatic calculation of PTO

A N-1 and N history value can be entered for each active employee in the establishment.

  • The month of initialization is included in period N, which is the current period.

  • History N is displayed in the month of initialization in the employee's tracker

  • History N-1 is displayed for the last month of the previous accrual period: either the previous month of May or the previous month of December.

⚠️ All boxes must be filled in in order to initialize the tracker. If the employee has not accrued any PTOs before Skello, fill in 0 to the right of his name.

Accrual of paid time off

Once the trackers have been initialized you’ll need to determine the PTO accrual

  • Accrual of paid time off will either be in working days, business days. Accrual in working days: corresponds to 25 days accumulated over the year i.e. 2.5 days accrued each month. Accrual in business days: corresponds to 30 days' paid holiday accumulated over the year, i.e. 2.08 days accumulated each month. If the location operates differently where holiday is earned on the basis of 7 working days per week, it is possible to earn holiday in calendar days.

  • Number of days to be accrued per month: the number of days to be accrued per month is automatically set according to the accrual of paid time off defined above: either 2.08 if business days or 2.5 if working days. This number of PTOs can be customized if required.

💡 The employee's tracker starts to be calculated from the first day of work indicated in the employee's contract and acquisition is calculated on a pro rata basis from the contract start date. If an employee leaves during the month, the tracker stops calculating the date of departure, which is also prorated.

When PTO trackers are activated each employee has his own tracker and this can be followed individually in the Employee tab > History/trackers > PTO tracker

💡 If a new employee is created, the PTO tracker is automatically activated at the month in which the contract starts (the contract start date is 12 January, the month selected is January).

⚠️ If the employee has no contract or a contract with no start date, their tracker is not automatically initialized. In this case, you will need to manually select the tracker start date in the employee's file.

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