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Defining jobs

This article explains how to create and determine jobs and how to use them on the schedule

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The topics covered in this article are :

  • Creating jobs

  • Creating a shift and thus choosing the job on the schedule

  • Modifying or deleting a job

Defining and determining a job title

💡A job relates to the activity performed in a time slot.

An employee may be assigned to several jobs during the day.

Examples of positions : salesperson, kitchen, morning, etc.

⚠️ Defining jobs related to your location have to be determined before scheduling.

When scheduling you will be asked to determine the employees’ job on a certain time slot.

Jobs can be determined in Location settings ⚙️ > Shifts (on the far left)

To create a new job : enter the name of the job you want in the "Job names" column on the left, then click on the blue Add button on the right.

You can customise the color of the shift to make it easier to read on the schedule.

A break time can be defined for each shift.

When the duration of the shift exceeds the working time specified in the "Trigger a break by default after" in the tab Location settings > Rules, a break (determined in the Jobs tab) is automatically triggered in the shift.

This break time can be entered in minutes.

Using the job title

Once the job title has been added in the Location settings, it’s ready to be used on the schedule tab.

  • When a shift is added on the schedule, the job position must be filled in. It can be selected from the drop-down list of the various positions created in the location.

💡 It is also possible to create a position directly when creating the shift from the Schedule > Week View tab.

💡If a break time has been defined on a job title, this information will be automatically filled in on the shift on the schedule, when the duration of the shift allows a break to be triggered. This break time can be changed on the shift if required.

💡To make it easier to read the schedule, you can use the filter tab to apply a filter on a certain job. Only the jobs scheduled will appear in the filter.

💡 If the employee scheduled on a shift is absent all week, he will not appear when this job title filter is applied.

⚠️ Shifts and teams are two separate things. Employees are related to teams, whereas positions are defined when work shifts are created.

Example of the use of teams and positions: I'm part of the Morning Kitchen team and my shift from 10am to 2pm is cooking ".

To find out more about teams, see this article 👉 Defining teams

Modify or delete a position

A job name can be modified or deleted from the General settings at ⚙️ > Jobs

The color of the position, the name of the position and the break time can be modified.

⚠️ Changes are taken into account as soon as you make a modification.

⚠️ As soon as you alter a job position/color or break time in the “Jobs” tab, il will immediately modify the schedule.

A job title can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon to the right > General settings > Jobs > bin.

💡 When deleting a position, it will not delete the shifts scheduled in the past with that position. It will simply not appear in the future whilst adding a shift and selecting the position.

Only managers can create/modify or delete a position. This action must be authorized in their permission, in Permission levels & actions.

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