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Sign in the Skello app
Sign in the Skello app

This article explains how to download the Skello mobile app and log in to your account.

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Topics covered in this article are:

  • Downloading the app from an iPhone device

  • Downloading the app from an Android device

  • Accessing your the Skello portal from the app

The Skello application allows employees to check out the schedule, request a shift swap, add documents in their file, make their own availability requests, leave requests, edit their own HR file, add their own documents and access their hour tracker/ total hours in the app.

Those can altered at any time in the tab Levels of permissions & actions.

The app enables managers to create and modify the schedule of their teams.

Download the application from an iPhone

You can download the Skello application from your phone's AppStore.

Download the application from an Android

The Skello application is also available from the Google Play Store on Android.

⚠️ Please bare in mind that the Skello app is different from the Time Clock by Skello which is used as a time clock.

Log in the Skello app

To log in the Skello app, enter your email address and password.

An invitation to define a password must have been received beforehand in order to activate your account 👉 Giving your employees access to Skello.

💡 If you’ve forgotten your password, click on "forgot password" to receive a link by email to reset it.

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