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Using unassigned shifts
Using unassigned shifts

Understand the purpose of unassigned shifts on the schedule, find out how to activate or deactivate it.

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This article explains how to :

  • Activate or deactivate unassigned shifts on the schedule

  • Use unassigned shifts

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Activate or deactivate the unassigned shifts on the schedule

The display of the unassigned shifts line on the schedule is an option which can be activated or deactivated.

💡 It is displayed by default when a new establishment is created.

To activate or deactivate the display of this unassigned line on the schedule:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the schedule

  • Choose "display options" from the drop-down menu

  • Check or uncheck Display unassigned shifts option.

⚠️ Once activated, the line is visible to all people in the location who have access to the schedule.

⚠️ If shifts remain scheduled as unassigned, the line continues to appear, even though you’ve disabled it. It will disappear when no more shifts are scheduled on the line.

The line is displayed at the top of the schedule, in day and week view. You can either add work shifts or absences by filling in the time slots.

⚠️ The unassigned shifts line only when you use the Employees view of the schedule and not the Positions one.

Use unassigned shifts

Unassigned shifts are shifts that are not assigned to any employee in the establishment, but are used to forecast shift requirements for the period (day or week).

💡 The shift can be moved from the unassigned line to the employee line in order to be assigned. The entire line of unassigned shifts can be moved at once to an employee.

From the schedule, you can move an employee's shift to the unassigned line by clicking directly on the three small dots at the bottom right of the shift and then on the little man icon.

Unassigned shifts are very useful for organizations with changing schedules.

💡 Good to know :

  • If an absence request is approved for an employee, even though you had already assigned work shifts on the schedule, the work shifts will automatically go to the unassigned shifts line.

  • When a schedule template is used and one of the employees is now archived, the archived employee's shifts are automatically positioned on the unassigned shifts line.

  • When an employee is archived, his or her planned future shifts are automatically moved to the unassigned line.

  • When one or more shifts cannot be placed because of a blocking alert, they are switched to the unassigned line.

There are two ways of using unassigned shifts :

  • Create shifts directly on the unassigned line and then drag them onto the employees' schedule.

  • Start with a schedule template where you already know your needs > convert it into unassigned shifts > assign the shifts to the employees by clicking, dragging and dropping. Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the schedule > Choose "create from a template" from the drop-down menu > Select the template > convert to unassigned shifts 💡 This action can be repeated over several weeks

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