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Customizing the bank holiday tracker
Customizing the bank holiday tracker

Activating, customizing, modifying and monitoring the bank holiday tracker.

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The subjects covered in this article are :

  • Activating and setting up the bank holiday tracker

  • Changing the settings for the bank holiday tracker

The bank holiday tracker is used to define the guaranteed public holidays for employees. It will enable you to to track hours worked and non working hours during each public holiday of the year and automatically have the balance of hours the employee will be able to compensate with time off in lieu.

⚠️ Please note: the bank holiday tracker is only available with the Premium pack.

For Success subscription packs, public holidays can only be managed from the schedule. This data is then available in the report.

👉 Find out how to plan and monitor public holidays.

Activating and customizing the public holiday tracker

Head to Location settings ⚙️ > Rules > Trackers to activate the public tracker at the bottom of the page.

Then define the public holidays to be guaranteed by checking the box on the right and define the type of compensation associated with each day (to be recovered as time off in lieu or to be paid).

Once these settings have been completed, the information can be viewed or modified from the Trackers tab, in Location Settings and/or individually from the employee tab.

⚠️The public holidays proposed by default are the national public holidays of the establishment's country but it is also possible to add personalized public holidays.

To do this, click on "Add a personalized day" at the bottom left of the public holidays configuration window, then customize the day you wish to add.

⚠️ Bank holidays can only be activated and set for the current year and the previous year (N-1). It is not possible to forecast the coming year.

Modify the settings of the tracker for all employees

The tracker settings can be modified at for all employees at once.

From Location Settings ⚙️ > Rules > Trackers > click on the pencil icon to the right of the public holiday tracker.

⚠️ Modifying the settings in this tab modifies all the trackers of the employees, including those that have already been modified individually.

Edit the tracker by employee

You can change the settings for the public holiday tracker for each employee if needed.

⚠️If the employee works in several establishments within the organisation, you’ll be able to have a look at his tracker from his main establishment.

From the Employee file > History / Tracker > Public holiday tracker

The information that can be modified in the employee tracker is :

  • If the public holiday is a guaranteed day or not : click on the cross or the check to modify the parameter

  • If the public holiday is paid or to be compensated with time off in lieu : click on "To be or "To be paid" or “compensated with time off in lieu” to modify this parameter.

The accrual of hours to be paid or compensated is directly linked to what is planned on the schedule.

This information can be modified directly on the schedule, by modifying the planned shifts, but not on the employee's public holiday tracker.

⚠️Only the tracker for the current year can be modified.

The balance of hours to be recovered from the previous year is automatically carried over to the current year, once it has ended, and can no longer be modified.

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