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Manage employee availability and unavailability requests
Manage employee availability and unavailability requests

Plan and view employee availabilities, accept or decline requests.

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The subjects covered in this article are :

  • Submitting and approving an availability request

  • Planning employee availabilities

  • Viewing availabilities on the schedule

💡With Smart Planner, employee availabilities can be taken into account when scheduling

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💡 Please note: in this article and on the portal, we use the generic term "availabilities" to refer to employees' availabilities AND unavailabilities.

Submit and approve an availability request

From the mobile application or from the portal, employees can submit at which dates and times they are available or unavailable so that this information is taken into account when scheduling.

This action must be authorized in the the tab levels of permissions & actions for them to be able to access it 👉 configure permissions

From the mobile app

Click on the Requests logo at the bottom of the screen > Availabilities > click on the + at the bottom right of the screen to enter a new request.

From the online portal

Click on the arrow next to the two initials at the top right of the screen: choose "My requests" from the drop-down menu > Availability requests > Click on Add availability on the right of the screen to enter a new request.

Make an availability request

  1. The request may be made on an exceptional basis.

  • one time : the employee is available or unavailable on a single day during a defined time slot.

  • regular : the employee will be available or unavailable every week, on the same day, during the defined time slot.

⚠️ By default, requests are suggested as exceptional from the mobile application and from the web portal.

If the request is exceptional :

  • the "regular request" button must be unchecked on the application

  • select the “one time” tab when adding availability

  1. The employee indicates whether the request is for availability or unavailability.

  2. He selects the date, start time and end time of the slot during which he is available or unavailable.

  3. The employee submits his request, which is received by e-mail and notification to be accepted or denied by the manager.

Accept an availability request

The manager receives the employee's availability request by email, and can accept it on his application and/or on the online portal.

  • On the application : the request is accessible from the "Requests" tab > Pending.

  • On the online portal : click on the arrow next to the initials at the top right of the screen > choose "My requests" from the drop-down menu.

The manager can consult the requests awaiting for approval.

⚠️ An approved request can then be rejected, and vice versa.

Enter employee availabilities on the schedule

As a manager, you can enter your employees' availability/unavailability details without them having to request them.

From the employee file > click on the Availabilities button.

Adding availabilities via the employee file is done in the same way as a requests.

  1. Select whether the availability is recurrent or exceptional

  2. Select whether it’s a availability or unavailability

  3. Indicate the date and/or day and time slot concerned.

Click on the Approve button in the bottom right-hand corner to add the availability(ies) you have entered.

An availability can be modified or deleted at any time. To delete a availability, click on the 🗑️ icon.

Several availabilities or unavailabilities may be entered on the same day.

View availabilities on the schedule

Once the employee's availabilities have been entered through the online portal or approved though the “My requests” tab, it will appear on the schedule to help you plan ahead.

💡Availabilities are shown in green and unavailabilities in red.

💡Availabilities are used for information purpose on the schedule, to help you plan ahead It won’t prevent you from scheduling and plan a shift.

When planning a shift on an availability, the details submitted in the availability (time slot or frequency) will be specified.

Once a shift has been created, the availability can be identified by a green or red triangle at the top right of the shift.

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