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Requesting a shift swap
Requesting a shift swap

This article presents how to make and manage requests for shift swaps.

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The topics covered in this article are:

  • Requesting a shift swap

  • Managing a shift swap

To enable employees to make shift requests, the action "I can make a shift swa" must be authorized from General settings ⚙️ > Permission levels & actions.

To find out more about how to manage permission levels and actions 👉 click here

Request a shift swap

⚠️The shift swap functionnality can only be accessed from the Skello mobile application. It cannot be done through the online portal.

From the Schedule tab, select the shift you wish to exchange. At the bottom of the screen, click on ↔️Swap Shift.

Then choose the team member from the drop-down menu with whom the shift is to be swapped.

Pending shift swaps can be viewed from the tab Requests > Pending

⚠️ Shift swap requests are available for upcoming shifts. They are not available for past shifts.

Manage shift swaps requests

Shift swaps requests can only be managed via the Skello mobile application.

Once the shift request has been sent by employee A :

  1. The shift request is first received by employee B, to replace employee A during his shift. He may accept or refuse the request.

  2. If the request is accepted by employee B, it is submitted to the team manager for approval.

Click on the Requests tab and then Replacements to track the requests that have been made.

The Pending tab allows you to view requests awaiting a response.

When requests are approved or refused, they will figure in the History tab.

Once the request has been approved by employee B and the manager, the schedule is modified accordingly. Employee A's shift is transferred to employee B's schedule.

⚠️ The shift request enables a shift to be transferred from employee A to employee B. This is not an exchange.

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