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Signing your documents electronically
Signing your documents electronically

Signing documents on Skello

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Subscribing to the e-signature option allows different types of document to be sent to employees to be signed securely online.

Topics covered in this article:

  • Sending documents for e-signature

  • Tracking documents sent for e-signature (in French)

The e-signature option can also be used to get employees to sign attendance sheets every week. 👉View this article to find out more.

Send documents for signature

The e-signature option for documents can be accessed from the Employees > Documents section.

All documents added to the employee(s) file can be sent for e-signature, whether created via a Skello document template or imported from your computer.

⚠️ Imported documents must be saved in PDF format before they can be sent for signature.

When a document is created via a document template

When a document is created via a document template on Skello, it can be sent for signature immediately after creation.

Once you have finished editing the document, a window appears to confirm that the document has been saved in the employee's tab, and at the same time offers to send the document for signature, or simply send it by e-mail, without e-signature.

💡If the document is not sent for signature at this stage, it can be sent later, via the saved document.

Once the document has been saved or imported into the employee's tab

Click on the 3 dots to the right of the line > select Send for signature.

Select the signatory

A window appears, from which the recipient(s) of the document for e-signature can be selected.

The document is sent by default to the employee in whose area the document was created or imported.

A second signatory can be added for the same document: only managers with System Administrator or Advanced Master permission can be selected as second signatories for documents.

⚠️ In order to be selected in the list, the manager must have a valid e-mail address entered in his or her file.

💡In addition to the employee's and manager's signatures, it is possible to add their initials at the bottom of each page of the document. Check the "Add initials at the bottom of each page" box.

Prepare document before sending

Once the signatory(ies) has (have) been selected, a new window will open to allow you to view the document.

  • Review the contents of the document before sending it

  • Place the insert in which the signature(s) will be added to the document

💡Click on the arrows to the right and left of the document to go to the next or previous page.

💡Click on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the page for rereading.

Once the page to be signed is identified, click where the signature is to be placed on the page. A preview can help you define the signature placement.

💡If the signature is not placed correctly, click on the cross to the right of the signatory's name to change the placement.

Signatories receive an e-mail inviting them to sign the document: they can access the document to read it and choose to sign it.

💡 The terms "Read and approved" and the date on which the document was signed are automatically positioned below the signatory's signature.

💡Reminders are automatically sent to signatories if they fail to sign the document: 3 reminders are sent every 2 days.

Tracking documents sent for e-signature

Once a document has been sent for e-signature, there are 2 ways to track its signature status. From the employee's document tab or from the document e-signature tab.

In the employee's document tab

From the folder where the document is saved (e.g. Contracts): to the right of the document sent for e-signature, a signature status appears. This shows whether the document has been sent and is awaiting signature, or whether it has been signed.

The document can be resent for e-signature if it has not yet been signed > Click on the 3 dots to the right of the line and select "return for signature".

💡The document will only be returned to those who have not yet signed it.

⚠️Once signed, the document sent is replaced by the signed version, so that it can be viewed and downloaded.

From the e-signature tracking area

A tracking tab will enable you to follow the e-signature of several sent documents, from the Employees tab.

Click on the pen icon at the top right of the page to access it.

The tracking tab appears on the right-hand side of the screen. It allows you to track the sending date and the status (signed or not) for all the documents

Signature status can be tracked in the signature column. 3 status are possible :

  • An empty circle 0/2: if none of the signatories has yet signed the document

  • A half green circle 1/2: if one of the two signatories has signed the document.

  • A full green circle 2/2: if both signatories have signed the document.

💡Hover the mouse over the circle to see who has signed the document.

💡If the document has not yet been signed by all signatories, an arrow to the right of the line suggests sending the document back for signature.

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