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Create and use document templates
Create and use document templates

Create administrative document templates and use them for employees.

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As a manager you can create and centralize administrative document templates in a single space and reuse them for all your employees.

The topics covered in this article are:

  • Creating a document template

  • Using a document template

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Create a document template

This feature can be accessed from the location settings ⚙️ > Administrative document templates > + Create a template.

⚠️ The administrative document templates tab is accessible to all system admin as well as standard/advanced masters, standard/advanced schedulers and standard/advanced read-only permission levels as long as they have access to the associated permission. 👉 Find out more about setting permission levels

The creation of a template consists in writing a text, and adding variables by dragging and droping them in the text. Those variables will automatically be completed with the information filled in the employee files.

By clicking on + Create template, a blank page appears, on which you can write.

💡It is possible to copy/paste from a document already created either in word or pdf format.

The layout of the text can be customized from the toolbar available at the top of the page :

  • Title or paragraph size

  • Bold, italic, underline text

  • Left, center or right / justified text

  • Bullets or numbers

  • Add images from computer files

⚠️ Font size can be changed for an entire paragraph. Text color cannot be modified.

On the right-hand side of the page, several variables can be selected: these correspond to contract and salary information entered in the employee files (surname, first name, date of birth, address, contract dates, etc.).

To add a variable to the text : place the mouse over the variable and click to select it > hold down the mouse click and move the variable to the desired area of the document. The variable can be removed from the document by clicking on the cross to the right of the box.

Once the text and variables have been added to the document template, click on the Save button at the top right of the page, and choose a template title.

💡 The saved template can be viewed and modified from the location settings ⚙️ > Administrative document templates

Use a document template

Once a document template has been saved in the location settings it needs to be applied to the employees tab

Employees > employee file > Documents

In the Documents tab of the Employee file > click on the Create document button and select the desired document template.

When the template is used for an employee, the variables added to the template are automatically completed with the personal and contractual data entered in the employee's file.

⚠️ If items corresponding to the template variables are missing from the employee's file, the document cannot be created.

In this case, a red dot appears to the left of the document with an exclamation mark (see image above) : when you move the mouse over this dot, the list of variables not filled in appears and showing what needs to be filled in the employee's file in order to create the document.

Once the document has been completed, it can be saved in pdf format directly in the employee's Documents tab

The saved document can then be e-mailed to the employee from the platform.

⚠️ An e-mail address must be entered in the employee's file for the document to be sent by e-mail.

💡 If you have suscribed to the e-signature option, the document can also be sent to the employee for electronic signature from the platform 👉 More information on document signature

The saved document can then be viewed, shared and deleted from the employee's tab.

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