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Using e-signatures to have employees sign their individual time sheets
Using e-signatures to have employees sign their individual time sheets
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Most collective agreements require employees to sign off on their individual time sheets. Here’s how to do it using Skello’s electronic signature function.

Before you can invite your employees to sign their individual time sheets electronically, you must:

  • Create at least one work shift (or an absence) for the week in question

  • Add an email address to the HR file(s) for the employee(s) whose time sheet(s) you are sending out to be signed

  • Sign up for the e-signature option on Skello 😉

1. Getting started

Go to the week you want to finalize your time sheets for, then click on the pencil in the top right corner of your screen:

2. Sending out individual time sheets to be signed

This will open a window with a tab labeled “Send” where you can:

  • Select employees who have time sheets to sign.

  • Click “Send” to send out their individual time sheets.

3. Tracking signatures on individual time sheets

Once you have sent out your time sheets to be signed, you will be taken to a second tab labeled “Tracking”, where you can see the status of each individual time sheet. It will display a list of your employees with one of the following statuses:

  • Sent = The employee has received an email inviting them to sign their individual time sheet electronically, but has not signed it yet.

  • Signed = The employee has signed their time sheet.

Once your employee has submitted their signature, you can download their signed individual time sheet by clicking “Download”.

In this tab, you will see which time sheets have already been signed, and which are still waiting.

4. What does it look like from the employee’s side?

Wondering what your employees see and how they are notified when they have an individual time sheet waiting to be signed? Check out this article, which explains the e-signature process from the employee’s perspective !

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