Install the time clock application

Install and connect to the Badgeuse by Skello app and find out which tablets are compatible

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This article explains how to install the time clock app.

Topics covered in the article:

  • Installing the application - compatible tablets

  • Log in the time clock

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Install the application

To install the time clock app, head to the the App Store/ Play Store of your tablet : Download the app "La Badgeuse by Skello".

The tablets compatible with our application are :

  • Apple tablets with a version higher or equal to IOS.13.

  • Samsung tablets with Android 5.0 or higher.

⚠️ Lenovo tablets are not optimal for using the time clock. The time clock app is not available on Windows or on a Huawei tablet.

Log in the time clock

Once you have downloaded the time clock app on your tablet :

  • Launch the application

  • Enter your Skello login. The email address and password are the same login details you use when logging in on either the Skello app or Skello on your computer.

⚠️ Only the System Administrators and managers who have access to the time clock (this is determined in the tab Levels of permissions & actions) can log in, determine and modify the time clock rules

  • Select the location to which you wish to link the time clock with.

⚠️ It is strongly recommended to not use more than one tablet within the same location to ensure that the information is correctly synchronized between the tablet and Skello.

  • Define the PIN of your location : it will be required to connect to the time clock settings and to keep an eye on your employees shift punches from the Attendance tab.

⚠️ The PIN required to log in on the tablet to select a location is different from your personal PIN which will be used to clock in/out.

For a better understanding of how to use the time clock once it has been installed and set up, read the article 👉 Tracking, modifying and approving shift punches

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