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Timekeeping, modifying and approving shift punches
Timekeeping, modifying and approving shift punches

This article explains how to timekeep punches, modify and to approve the arrival and departure times of employees on the Time Clock app.

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The topics covered in this article are :

  • Timekeep shift punches

  • Modifying punches from the online space

  • Approving punches

To find out how to install and set the rule for the time clock check out these articles :

Monitor shift punches

Synchronisation and data upload

The Time Clock app installed on the tablet is synchronized, thanks to wifi, with Skello when logged on the portal. The arrivals and departures of your employees who clocked in/out on the tablet are automatically logged in your Skello portal.

To timekeep punches on your Skello portal > Time clock tab

💡You can manually activate synchronisation between the Time Clock app and the Skello portal.

The time of the last synchronisation is shown from the portal >Time clock tab > at the top right of the screen.

From the Time Clock app installed on the tablet > click on the arrows at the top right of the screen 🔄 to start synchronisation.


  • On the time clock application > click on the icon at the top right of the screen > click on the Attendance tab : to timekeep arrival and departure times of employees, as well as employees photos or signatures recorded at the time of the punch.

  • On the online Skello portal > Click on the time clock tab : to monitor punches day by day for all employees or the week by week for each employee.

Several views are available for timekeeping whilst logged in your portal.

  • Daily view : displays all the punches of all employees during the day. A filter is available on this view to monitor the punches of one or more teams.

  • An employee view : allows you to monitor the punches of a single employee over a whole week.

  • A history view : displays punches that were altered and its reason.

In each view, monitoring is divided into 3 categories (from left to right):

  • Scheduled shifts : these are the scheduled working hours on the schedule

  • Badged shifts : these are the arrival and departure times which have been clocked in and out from the Time Clock application and which are uploaded to the online portal via synchronization.

  • Paid shifts : these are the hours that will be taken into account on the schedule and on the report. The hours entered in this category can be the clock in/out punches, or the scheduled arrival /departure shift. This column will be filled in automatically according to the settings in your time clock 👉 Set the rules for the time clock. These shifts can be modified if necessary, before being approved.

💡 If the employee has clocked in, the "paid shifts" boxes are automatically filled in with the punches. If the employee has not clocked in, the scheduled times are automatically entered in the "paid shifts" boxes.

Modifying paid shifts from the portal

All managers who have permission can modify paid shifts from the Time Clock tab in the portal 👉 find out more about setting permissions.

The category that can be modified in the online portal is paid shifts.

For whatever reason (the employee forgot to clock in/out when coming back from break time and so on), it is possible to adjust the hours. Those shifts will be taken into account before approving the day (in day view) or the week (employee view).

💡Paid shifts can be modified after approval of the day/week, by clicking on the blue button at the top right: "modify". Once changes have been made, you must click on the button “approve the day” again.

⚠️ Paid shifts cannot be modified from the Time Clock app on the tablet.

Approving paid shifts

The hours in the paid shifts category can be approved on a daily basis (for all employees) or on a weekly basis (for an employee in particular).

Click on the blue "approve" button at the top right of the screen to approve paid shifts.

Once approved, the arrival and departure slots entered on the paid shifts are displayed on the schedule, and the approved period is locked : this is known as setting the schedule to what actually happened in real time.
The appearance of the shifts on the schedule is modified when the paid shifts are approved : on each shift you can read the scheduled times, at the top in the smaller font size, and the approved slots, below, in larger font. In the event of a delay, or if the employee has left early, the difference with the scheduled shifts are visible on the schedule.

These approved hours will then be taken into account in the employee's history of hours worked and in the report.

⚠️ If the paid shifts are not approved from the time clock tab : the schedule is not updated. The scheduled hours will be taken into account in the history of hours worked and the report.

Managers who are authorized to add shifts to employees and who have access to the time clock tab can add a note when approving punches.

Notes added from the time clock tab are also visible on the schedule.

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