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Activate and manage punches from the mobile app
Activate and manage punches from the mobile app

This article explains how to activate the mobile time clock by selecting the employees concerned and tracking their shift punches.

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This is designed for mobile employees who are unable to clock in/out on the facility's tablet (e.g. employees on the move)

The topics covered in this article are :

  • Activating the mobile time clock by selecting the employees

  • Tracking punches

  • About geolocation

To find out more about how to use the mobile time clock , see this article 👉 Clocking in/out from the mobile app.

Activate the mobile app

Activate the mobile time clock from the facility settings, by clicking on the cogwheel at the top right of the screen :

Facility settings ⚙️ > Time clock rules > Time clock settings on mobile application.

The employees authorized to clock in/out on the move can be selected from the drop-down menu:

💡 Selected employees will be able to clock in/out from their mobile app or from the establishment's tablet.

⚠️ Note that it is only possible to select employees whose establishment is defined as main establishment.

💡 Only users with the "I have access to the time clock settings" permission can select employees to clock in/out from the mobile app.

⚠️ For modifications to be made, click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.

Once employees have been authorized to use the mobile timeclock it will take around 15 mintues for the app to take the information into account and give access to the employee on the phone.

⚠️ We advise the employee to uninstall the app from his phone and install it again.

Track punches

Punches from the mobile application appear on Skello in the same way as those made from the tablet.

They can be distinguished by the icons in the "Geolocation" column:

  • When a punch is on the mobile application with geolocation : a green icon appears. When you hover over it, you’ll be able to see the location at the start and the end of the shift.

  • When there isnt’t any geolocation : a grey column appears.

  • In the case of a "hybrid" punch (geolocation on arrival but not on departure, or vice versa) : an orange icon appears. When you hover the mouse over the punch, you’ll either have a geolaction at arrival or departure.

  • If the employee punched in/out on a tablet : a blue icon appears. When you hover the mouse over it, the name of the location will appear.

For more details about punches 👉 How to track, modify, delete punches

About geolocation

There are a few important things to know about punches :

  • Geolocation is not mandatory when clocking in/out. If the employeerefuses he will still be able to clock in/out. It will then be indicated that there is no location when the employee clocked in/out.

  • It is possible to reactivate geolocation after refusal. To do this, go to the phone settings and allow geolocation.

  • Location data is stored for 2 months and then is deleted.

  • If 2 employees punch in/out on the same smartphone, an alert is sent to the manager.

  • If an employee uses a third-party application to simulate a location (e.g. "Fake GPS"), the check-in will be blocked.

  • The employee cannot modify the punch location.

  • Geolocation is an address that corresponds to the employee's location (up to 100 meters).

  • An SMS alerting the manager that the employee is late will not be sent when the employee clocks in/out of his phone.

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