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Exporting the report

Find the contract details, the salary information, scheduled hours for the period, premium hours, total absences, pay elements and comments.

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The report tab is the reflection of what happens on your Skello (shifts & absences combined). You’ll be able to find the contract details, the salary information, scheduled hours for the period, premium hours, total absences, pay elements and comments.

In this article you learn how to :

  • Select the columns you want to appear in the exported report

  • Export the report

Export settings

Before exporting the report it’s recommended to select the columns you’d like to have in your report. Once this is done you won’t need to do it each time, Skello keeps the Export Settings in mind.

Report tab > Toothed wheel on the far right (Export settings) > Export Options

Information in the report is classified in 4 categories :

  • Summary : this information is available in the Report tab This is useful in order to prepare your employees payslips > Contract details, Salary Information, Scheduled hours for the period, Premium hours, Total absences for the period, Pay elements and comments for the accountant.

  • HR Files : This tab gathers the information present in the Overview tab as well as the information present in the Employees tab. Is listed : the name of the employee with the schedule details, the scheduled hours for the period, total overtime and additional hours paid at premium rate for this period, other premium and compensated hours and pay elements.

  • Details : is listed all the information present in the report. Feel free to add filters to this tab to be able to find something specific in the report. For example, employees that worked on Sundays or on bank holidays.

  • Absences : All the absences filled in the schedule will appear in this tab.

In each category, you can choose which columns you would like to see in the exported document, by ticking the proposed variables:

Export the report

Once you’ve headed in the Export Settings tab and defined what you information you want to figure in your report, the accountant will be able to do the payslips.

Report > White toothed wheel in a blue button on top right hand corner (view export options) > Export

  • Export to Excel : you’ll find either 4 or 5 tabs : Summary, Employee Files, Details, Absences and Hour tracker (if the tracker for modulation is activated)

To check out those different tabs, click on the button left of the exported file

  • Export Excel spreadsheet for part time unemployment this file gathers all the necessary information needed to claim for compensation if one or many employees are in part-time unemployment. You’ll find 2 columns : total hours worked and total hours not worked during the selected period

  • Export to your payroll software : if you use any of those payroll softwares : Sage, Silae and Payfit) you can import your payroll details for your employees directly into your payroll software 👉 check ou this article to find out more.

💡 Organisations that have more than one location in their Skello can either export the report per location or export all locations at once in one document.

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