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Reset the trackers to zero from the tab “Report” in your Skello
Reset the trackers to zero from the tab “Report” in your Skello
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In this article you’ll be able to reset and change the hour trackers for your employees, all at once or individually

To find out more on how to keep track of the hour tracker of one employee read this article 👉Set up the tracker of one employee

Follow the hour tracker from the Report tab

The report tab is the reflexion of what happens on your Skello (shifts & absences combined). You’ll be able to find the contract details, the salary information, scheduled hours for the period, premium hours, total absences, pay elements and comments 👉 Learn how to read your report

You’ll find the detail of overtime hours for each employee if the modulation for overtime tracker is actived in your Skello

It appears in orange next to the scheduled hours for the period : it represents the hours that the employee will either have to catch up or overtime.

You can reset the hour tracker of each employee when you wish to pay overtime instead of granting time off for overtime.

This can be done individually or for all the employees at a time by clicking on the tab “Update trackers” on the far right of the report tab

⚠️ This update will take place after the last Sunday of the period selected on the Report tab

Editing the trackers from the report tab

If you’d like to pay part of overtime or modify the hour tracker by adding/removing hours this can be done by editing the hour tracker and selecting the employees in the Report tab > Update trackers

The update will take place on the last Sunday of the month

The trackers can be modified by :

  • Adding hours to the tracker : fill in the number of hours to be added instead of the 0

  • Remove hours from the tracker : fill in “-” and then the number of hours to be deducted instead of the

The starting date of the modified trackers will take place on the following Monday

Reset trackers to zero

It’s also possible to reset all trackers at once by clicking on the report tab > Update Trackers > Reset trackers to zero

  • Select employees by scrolling on the list

  • Click on the tab Reset Trackers to zero

The update of the reset trackers will take place on the last Sunday of the month

⚠️ Update of trackers cannot be cancelled

It’s preferable to export the report before altering trackers just in case you need to compare the trackers before the update and after the update

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